Count on Flex for easy access to trustworthy data. Flex monitors actual performance against your targets and automatically detects variances so you can respond to problems at the point of failure.

No one else has real time data collection as robust and comprehensive as Flex.

– Thomson Shore

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Trust our team of industry experts in the areas of shop floor data collection and integration into front office enterprise systems. If you have shop floor integration needs, SoftSolutions can help.

"We chose Flex because the team has great expertise and is really easy to work with. They’re very flexible.
– Cenveo

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Flex is based upon principles of Lean and Six Sigma.  Count on Flex to shut down your machine when the job is complete, virtually eliminating the cost of overruns and form-to-form imbalance.

Flex has caused a 2% reduction in waste, which equates to about $350,000.  It’s become the backbone of our entire system.
- Sheridan Books
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Decrease waste and downtime.
Increase throughput and profits.
The award winning Flex by SoftSolutions is an "intelligent shop floor system" that supports the real-time management needs of your entire operation, from the shop floor to the top floor.  Key benefits of Flex include:
  • customized notifications and alerts
  • real-time visibility
  • ERP interfaces
  • easy-to-use touch-screen interface
  • waste management
  • performance to standards
  • standardized workflows
  • delay reduction
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Count on Flex for...
  • Easy integration into virtually any ERP and any piece of equipment
  • Easy visibility across one site or your entire Enterprise
  • Easy communication across the shop floor and throughout management
  • Easy insight into production standards that meet & exceed goals
  • Easy analysis of  target-based performance results
  • Easy touch-screen interface that is quick to learn and easy to use

"Flex will be the compass on our journey down the long and winding path of lean manufacturing."  - Peter Holmes, Production Manager
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